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  1. Jaundalynn says:

    HI,Right now I need to let everything go and let God take care of me and my girls. In the past 3 weeks my family has been broken apart by inliyefitd. Christmas is scary! Everything is scary and I am so sad and lost. I have God with me, and I am so thankful for that.

  2. Excellent site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

  3. Uma Odisséia!É… Eu também costumo colocar fones de ouvido e evitar conversas em viagens (de ônibus, que eu não vôo nem a pau) e fiquei pensando depois de ler seu relato: "-Realmente, quanta gente posso ter deixado de conhecer…"Agora, eu vi no widget do tuiter em seu blog um link para uma canção, e quando cliquei nela, meu Deus! Ten years After! E tocando If you shold love me!Vale cada ponto de exclamação que eu grafei!

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  5. water sounds great to me…not sure whether it's a good idea to mix tea and kahlua (coffee flavour, I believe?) You might actually just need a large tablespoon of matcha water to soak the ladyfingers, and depends on strong you want it, between 1/3-1/2 tsp matcha powder would be sufficient.I don't remember exactly how many ladyfingers I used for the recipe…I guess you want to bake ladyfingers yourself? Bake more, and use the rest to dip the mousse 😉

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  7. kpd Jee..jgn pandai2 ckp biasiswa hanya kpd bumiputra …klu kamu nk tahu,adik saya dh pegi pendedahan krjaya doktor di bwh jpa..dan drpd 26 org hanya 3 orang saja bumiputra…so kmu ckp bangsa kmu masih tk dpt biasiswa.!!! if you want tto be a rasis…just go to hell…a person like you just not have the quality to be given a scholarship ….dh dpt banyak, kerajaan bg pn tak puas2 lagi…

  8. to the woman whos husband is unnaffectionate i feel for you baby girl. you deserve to be touched, to be licked to be nibbled on, to have ur hair pulled to have ur nipples touch another womans nipples in the heat of the moment. enchanted described it perfectly. love making with a woman is so much more than sex. hate to say it but i could make ur husband look like a total tool. good luck on ur lioness hunt n take care bella

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  12. You can’t condone pinching ideas, if his mate found out after trying to pass the same ads through the same people and they were like “we’ve seen these before pal, from a cheeky young man called Dave Trott, so jog on”, Trott’s mate would be well within his rights to cap his ass.However, you can understand why he did it… get a foot in the door the quick and easy way, he still has to prove himself to keep the job long term… so fuck it, fair play to him.

  13. Bello! Che dico: Bellissimo!Posso dire una cosa sinceramente? Magari sarò un po’ delicata e impressionabile, ma le immagini in cui incide la pelle mi hanno fatto venire un brivido lungo la schiena… Questo credo voglia dire che non mi farò un tatuaggio, ma questo non significa che non apprezzi l’opera di questo grande maestro come arte. E’ davvero meraviglioso quello che crea.

  14. ” En France avant la loi de 1973 l’inflation était forte (du moins, ac nos critères actuels), mais les salaires réels progressaient quand même.”L’inflation était encore plus forte entre 74 et 83! Année à partir de laquelle Jacques Delors a supprimé l’indexation des salaires sur l’inflation.

  15. Crumb,You obviously haven’t built your own company, worked 100 hours a week for years on end, sacrificed leisure time while buddies were out on vacation.I agree 100% with Raul.No way in hell I would employ someone who felt I should pay even more in taxes. Why should I help someone by employing them when they want government to punish me for my years of hard work and effort which has given them the opportunity of a job.Never hire a liberal!

  16. I honestly don't know the future of Lionel.  I don't believe it was very wise of them to bring out such high-priced locomotives at this time given the economy, but we shall see.  Their name still commands respect and is worth a great deal.  Perhaps the new licensing deal between Lionel and MTH in the tinplate arena is a foreshadowing of things to come.

  17. Hi Jackie,You’re right on point; sometimes rebranding is necessary to succeed or just to survive.For example Nokia… It’s just unbelievable how a company like Nokia (huge, market leader, great technology, etc.) can be so clueless about their branding (and marketing strategy). They should’ve understood what their brand is and they should’ve rebranded the company.Sorry, the rant. I’m Finnish so when Nokia decides to fire 10 000 people I get a bit emotional Peter Sandeen recently posted..

  18. I used to love going through Balducci’s down on 14th street. It was like a Museum of Food… only it seemed the prices were lots higher there.Of course I have yet to find anything remotely similar to a true ‘deli’ like Balducci’s or Zabar’s here in Seattle. Even the famed Pike Place Market is pale in comparison.Why just have ‘cheese’ when you can have 240 different kinds of cheddar and 78 different kinds of swiss cheese?

  19. You sure gotta feel bad for a company who operates in a managed economy – against the principles of a free market – and still has to pay taxes?!?! Ludicrous! I guess we could take back all of the things that their tax dollars have afforded the country – you know like roads, law enforcement, middle eastern wars and scientific advances and just have them expense the cost. Yeah, that would be more efficient. Right.

  20. Grande Ico!Será que o Schumacher já está um pouco arrependido de ter voltado, já que a Mercedes aparentemente começará a temporada como a quarta força? Ou ele meio que esperava por isso e conta com as explosões dos barris de pólvora na Ferrari e McLaren (não há como não explodir, ao menos em Maranello) para se sobressair durante o ano?Abração, e continue com o excelente trabalho.Rafael Inouye

  21. Carol Jo,Tai Chi is another amazing series of movements. I love how “in the flow” I get when I do it!It’s funny how we know these things (hello, I’m a massage therapist for whining out loud) and don’t do them. Glad this post gave you a gentle reminder!Have a wonderful day! And thanks for joining us.Tiffany

  22. Que simpatia, sr. Carmo.E então sobre o que poderia ser? 1. O Acordo Ortográfico ou a estupidez contada às crianças e lembrada ao povo2. O bando dos dois – Salazar e Cerejeira unidos no combate à escolarização3. A ausência de Nobels de direita na derrocada do sistema financeiro (um bocadinho off-topic mas dá-se um jeito)4. Outras propostas

  23. disse:Bom dia amada, agradeço ao Senhor pela sua vida pois voce tem sido uma benção na minha vida, e de muitas mulheres aqui de campinas tenho aprendido muito e estou ansiosa para ver a ministração de Manaus onde o apostolo lhe entregou um recado do Senhor dizendo que lhe daria algo novo na adoração e sei mesmo sem ver que será tremendo estou aguardando por este momento. bjs

  24. Darn right property taxes are going up too much. I can’t believe city council can’t find $30 million to cut out of a $2,000 million 2013 budget – that’s only 1.5%. I consider it total incompetence if city council can’t keep the tax increase to inflation levels. Then people wonder why so few people donate none any of their free time or money to the community when every time they turnaround, either the city or the province or the federal governments are raiding their wallets. Personally, I am sick of the gross incompetence of so many workers at all levels of government.

  25. maria teresa saad13/09/2012Dr. Buenas tardes, me acaban de diagnosticar un nodulo y me dicen que hay que operarlo, estoy un poco angustiada , ya que soy maestra y atiendo a 260 alumnos cada día,me preocupa mi labor, mi familia me dice que voy a tener que renunciar , he estado ronca desde hace como 4 meses , Ud. que me aconseja . gracias

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  27. DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist “And please resist the temptation to continue that trend and conclude that I must be out to destroy Obamacare and therefore have no compassion for anyone. ”I definitely have not and will will not accuse you of having no compassion. In the same token, please resist the temptation to ridicule, scorn, use sarcasm against those who genuinely do not mind going the extra mile, pay that extra dollar for the sake of others and calling those who have suffered or are suffering horrible illnesses “colorful characters.”Thank you.

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  32. Tree,Of course you are demonizing Israel. Your thesis is “see how messed up Israel is, they discrimminate against their own. They use their own as a political story, but abuse them.”I’m saying that you are doing exactly the same, that you are using the Mizrahi just for some political story.I don’t know the reality of their experience. I do know that peoples’ experience rarely fit political propaganda, right or left.That is the point. You want to call that apology, that is your failing.

  33. Dreambes, sérieux, tu souilles le nom de Ulver rien qu’en mettant ton casque sur les oreilles pour l’écouter. Tu calcules rien, t’es pas inteligent. Je pige pas comment on peu etre autant limité et écouter du son aussi bon. BrefCe chilhoods end est pour moi une réussite totale…..surtt si on le compare a wars of the rose…

  34. Q Hi, my device everything was working perfectly, but something happened that I thought it would not happen again … Like I said, I’m using the ICS ROM 4.0.4 Blackout of xda-developers, but always or almost always retreat to the battery and turn on my phone it starts with the white screen of HTC boot and then gets a black screen and sits still . I can only solve this problem with much cost installing the ROM again.Had you noticed that? Have a suggestion?

  35. , I’m no scientist so your clarification is great to have posted here. The bigger point I was trying to make was that the media coverage was focusing on one aspect of buying organic (nutritional content..which in my experience is rarely mentioned as a reason to buy organic at all) and that all the headlines failed to focus on the more positive findings of the study in terms of buying organic. I’m concerned that all the coverage may turn people off to buying organic when in actuality it can be beneficial. Thanks Jo!

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  37. j’oubliais. Gibi, hein!? Pour un Gibi qui s’agite pas, vous postez quand même beaucoup. Pas shadokotroll? Faites-nous voir la liste de vos arguments sur ce blog. Allez, pour ne pas avoir trop l’air ridicule, vous pouvez même allez rechercher tous vos posts passés puisque apparemment vous les enregistrez (ouah les chevilles). Cela ne devrait pas tenir en plus de 10 lignes. Pompez, untel!

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  40. This is a very inspirational and thought provoking blog. Although I have not experienced what you have, there are a plethora of other girls and women who have. I was encouraged greatly. I will be sure to recommend this blog to the people I know and I’m sure you’ll be a source of encouragement to them as well. All of us have made decisions that weren’t up to par with God’s standards, but the good thing about that is that God can still be glorified in the midst of it all and you’re doing just that. I’m proud of you. Continue to keep God first in all things.

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  42. How about some love for the refs tonight? I thought the officiating was great – very few bail out fouls and I felt every call was vindicated by slow motion replay. Even before the Lakers blew the game open I was impressed with the officials. After all of the Simmons-fueled outrage over the past few days, I hope this game eases some of the criticism.

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  44. the relevant words, my ex was down in a second. And completely unaware of me. Luckily, I left the tape running, and at the end of the tape, the therapist had recorded the necessary babble to bring him back to full awareness. My ex came to, as it were, and had no idea that 3/4 of an hour had passed, or that he had been “under”, but with an unexplained sense of wellbeing. I was totally sceptical about rapid hypnosis but I can’t explain this.

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  48. Anybody named “Chaim” who tries to call anybody a “fag” is funny all by itself. Probably got beat up alot in high school LOL!!!CAN CAN GIRL, that’s a new one…but fits right in with Paulette saying she was a showgirl in Vegas err…Reno. Not hard to draw that link. By the way Paulette…being a Vegas/Reno showgirl is not the first “career of choice” for Christian woman. What’s the deal there?Marshall

  49. I’m in the middle of the CBD, quay end, and I know exactly what arleeshar is saying. The mood is pretty pissed off, and nobody is buying this ‘leader of the free world’ shit that I’ve heard so many times on the ABC, as if we’re supposed to be proud to have a war criminal in our midst.There are so many police around, maybe it would be a good time to rob a bank somewhere out in the suburbs if you were so inclined.

  50. C’est bien une forme d’egoisme . Nous arrivons à un point où il faut malheureusement réglementer un minimum les reliques de pseudo nature qu’il nous reste dans le secteur afin de tenter de les conserver. Et vu notre croissance démographique il faut s’attendre à de plus en plus de règles, et ce dans tous les domaines, pas que pour le milieu naturel. Il n’y a que les inconscients qui se réjouissent du taux de natalité qui progresse…

  51. Reid stop and won"t have a vote on the bill. Some on need to tell the president It Reid and not the other party that blocking the bill at this time. Obama is still calling name and blaming the other party . He just can not get his stuff right. He just continue lieing to all of us even tho he know his message is false. i am so ashame of him . It make me want to change party.

  52. I think a functional nation requires at least one city where the elite feel comfortable, and that is the role that NYC has resumed. I remember in the 70's when people would talk about how great NYC had been in the 50's, and it seemed like it would never come back.NYC is essentially an international city, and its "elite" residents don't really represent the nation. A "functional nation" would have a national city that was more representative of the nation, no?

  53. Hi, I just listened to your appearence on the Martha Stewart Radio show with Mario. I’m so excited and inspired. I have a Le Creuset “Dutch oven” and have never used it (14) years later. My MIL bought a complete set for me when I got married. They are so heavy to use that they are just tucked away in the back of the cabinet. I’m ordering your book after this post on Amazon and I’m pulling out the pot and may even run to the store to make the recipe you feature on your web site tonight! Thanks so much for your cooking wisdom!

  54. What’s scary is that one would think that undoing rudeness, breaking people of insensitivity, would be easy. Adults, once they’re aware, change fast. But for some reason it’s not the case here. They dig in their heals and get defensive with criticism. Dagny’s right. Start kids YOUNG. It’s not so hard to be sensitive to others.

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  137. This “double dose” was a welcome suprise and you covered all the bases/moods. As always, it’s great to hear the inclusion of some of your work, I can’t wait til it comes to complete fruition. I’ve been remiss in my weekly comments but I have really been enjoying the podcasts, recasts included, over the past few months. I look forward to see/hear what you have in store for the rest of the year. ~Peace & Blessings~

  138. I’ve ported your imu.h rev 7 code to R to use to process gyro, accelerometer and GPS data collected while driving a car using an iPod with an external GPS dongle(Emprum Ultimate). I wanted to get more accurate lateral and lineal acceleration corrected for gravity while driving on a non-level surface and errors in orienting the iPod axes to the vehicle axes. After many stumbles, I think I’ve actually got it working. I’ve even managed to back out the approximate change in altitude. Your code and articles were a big help.Thanks.DeWitt Payne

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  147. zanon:you´re right about the wikip. and the ECB not monetizing, but the reason euro is collapsing is not its idiot gold standard rule(it may be idiot all the same though) unless you do believe sovereign states can be trusted with the money press and run deficits. The gold standard is only as degenerate as the State. Come to think, any sovereign state with power enough to enforce its legal tender will eventually f*ck things up and we may not have a solution.

  148. Olá Camila, sou Juliane de Porto Velho – RO, sempre estou no seu blog (praticamente todos os dias) olhando as novidades e curto sua fan page no facebook. Não sou muito de deixar comentário mas amo as dicas que vc dá! Sou sua fã… rrsQuanto as roupas das celebridades do Grammy Awards 2012, super amei o look da Adele e da Carrie Underwood. Beeeeeijos vc É ma ra vi lho sa.[]

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  151. “thats not you in the foto on you passport.” in the airport. How ever upon showing my passport to the supervisor, a quick glance and smile and I was admitted. I enjoy ever second of your travels. I could hardly recognize the beaches at Pataya, thailand..Earl, great job. next?? gotta check out Cuba again,,yeah, I know, but I gotta get some of that ‘cuban’ spanish under my belt.